Fragmenting Infinity, Riley O’Keeffe

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Image: Riley O’Keeffe, A Brief View... (Installation detail) 2014, Glass, LEDs, microcontroller, Diemsions variable

Fragmenting Infinity, Riley O’Keeffe

Dymaxion Lab, 225 North Tce, Adelaide.
23 May to 14 June 2014  |  Opening: 30 June 2014, 6—8pm

Working across disciplines, O’Keeffe’s work examines ideas of  mortality, time and the infinite. His experimental work often questions philosophical concepts  of being, while at the same time referencing 20th and 21st century arts practices, theory and  literature. This exhibition will feature new and recent work, presenting a cross collection disciplinary that reflects on the affect of chance and unpredictability on predetermined and limitless processes.

Hours: Wed/Thur 1pm—4pm | Fri: 1—6pm
Sat: 1pm—4pm