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Dymaxion Lab

Dymaxion Lab is Grid Projects pop up space. The name has been drawn from a paper written by the late Pam Zeplin published in Mapping South: Journeys in South-South Cultural Relations. Discussing a concept of the world unfurled in different and experimental ways, Zeplin cited Buckminster Fuller’s 1943 omnidirectional  Dymaxion map as  an  alternative   mode for visualising global relations. Grid Projects ARI has been named after the grid that forms the city of Adelaide, a defining environmental feature of our city. Dymaxion Lab, as a space for experimental arts practices, draws on this idea of the Dymaxion map as a way to reconfigure and reinscribe the map or the grid.

Dymaxion Lab is located at 225 North Terrace, Adelaide. This venue is supported by Renew Adelaide.